4f-pv8 chemicas

Psychoactive Stimulants

In the 1960's 4f-pv8 was produced and there have been a wide range of studies on this and other psychoactive mixes known as research chemicals. Examine chemicals are made from engineered mixes by means of a compound provider for further investigation of the new research chemicals as well as ordinarily the parent medicate or different medications in a similar classification.
4f-pv8 is in the psychoactive stimulant family and is referred to by a few distinct names, for example, 4f-a-kick among numerous others. Mixes for research are vital for logical, scientific, and even horticultural labs to find if the compound has any sort of advantages for creatures, people, or even plants.

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4-cec is a synthetic chemical created for research purposes listed in the classification with other cathinones. At this time, research data is limited but what is known is information that may aid in further studies in controlled laboratory settings. This information includes the formal name of 1-(4-Chloro-phenyl)-2-ethylamino-propan-1-one, the formula which is C11H14CIND, and the CAS number of 777666-01-2.

It is believed that 4-cec will have similar effects and properties of other chemicals in the same family which mean that this research chemical will inhibit the reuptake of serotonin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine but will also release dopamine. However, this information needs to be validated through more studies by laboratories to ensure the authenticity.

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4f-pv8 Research Chemical

In the 1960’s 4f-pv8 was developed and there have been many different studies on this and other psychoactive compounds known as research chemicals. Research chemicals are created from synthetic compounds via a compound supplier for further study of not only the new research chemicals but many times the parent drug or other drugs in the same category.

4f-pv8 is in the psychoactive stimulant family and is known by several different names such as 4f-a-pep among many others. Compounds for research are very important for scientific, forensic, and even agricultural laboratories to discover if the chemical has any type of benefits for animals, humans, or even plants.

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